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NEWS ALERT : President Bush Signs SCHIP Extension, Provides Funds Through March 2009

President Bush signed legislation that will provide funding for SCHIP through March 2009. The extension is expected to provide enough funds to cover children currently enrolled in the program. Republican and Democratic lawmakers say that when they return to Congress in January 2008, they will try to reach a compromise on a long-term reauthorization of SCHIP.

Promoting the Health of Colorado 's Kids

Health insurance is crucial to Colorado 's kids, enabling them to get the care they need to thrive.

The State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) has made health coverage affordable for millions of low-income kids; in Colorado , nearly 50,000 kids and more than 1,300 pregnant women receive needed medical care because of Colorado 's SCHIP program, the Child Health Plan Plus ( CHP+). voyance-amour-eternel.com

Thousands more Colorado kids are eligible for CHP+ but not enrolled in the plan. Without continued federal funding, CHP+ can't reach out to those families and ensure those kids get the coverage they need for shots, regular check-ups and dental care.

SCHIP is due for Congressional reauthorization in 2007. The Colorado SCHIP Coalition - health care providers, advocates, foundations, faith-based organizations, unions and the business community - is united in calling for the reauthorization of SCHIP at a level that will enable us to cover all eligible children who aren't currently enrolled.

The Coalition advocates for these principles:

  • Provide the SCHIP funding needed to cover all children who are eligible but not enrolled.
  • Seek SCHIP funding sources that do not endanger other health programs; do not cut Medicaid in order to fund SCHIP.
  • Eliminate red tape and other barriers that prevent eligible children from getting or staying covered.
  • Promote coverage that facilitates the healthy development of children.

Want to join our efforts? , or get template letters to send to your local newspaper or your member to express concern over the veto of this very important program.

Learn more about SCHIP by going to our Background page.

Help us preserve affordable health insurance for Colorado 's kids!

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"Far too many kids in Colorado and across the nation are uninsured and do not receive the care they need, but things could soon get even worse," said Governor Ritter, speaking at a press conference August 22nd in Denver . "SCHIP has been a successful partnership between the federal government and the state, and we want it to continue and grow, but this issue is getting bogged down by politics. Our representatives in Washington need to focus on what's best for uninsured kids in Colorado , which is to cover as many of them as possible. SCHIP has proven to work when we give it the resources needed for success."